Factory monitoring System


Factory monitoring system

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DIGITAL REACH provides you a complete Factory Automation solution by enabling industry 4.0 with integrated automation and cloud services. Nowadays manufacturing companies are facing a huge demand to increase their productivity so it can be done by factory automation. Allow us to help you development your industry 4.0 journey with the aid of delivering a bespoke Factory Automation for your progress in your business


In Factory Automation first we have to maintain connectivity of the devices, machines and assembly lines to central system to maintain data transparency and information and visualization can be fulfilled. Data collection and integration, as well as valued-brought products and services are added for smart manufacturing offerings.

In Factory Automation main unit included are described below

  • Machine Automation
  • Assembly line Monitoring
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Factory Environmental Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring System for Factory


  • Reduces dependence of man power
  • Equipment life cycle preventive maintenance system
  • Real time monitoring for production efficiency, yield rate and quality
  • Trace the production process of Product
  • Environmental quality monitoring and control system
  • Natural gas energy and diesel fuel flow monitoring and control system
  • Energy monitoring system
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