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PLC monitoring system

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DIGITAL REACH PLC monitoring solution is an Industry 4.0 Solution. To perform monitoring of PLC one should have proper knowledge of hardware as well as software to communicate with Programmable Logic Controller. As embedded hardware and Software Company we have expertise in PLC monitoring system.


PLC monitoring solution is for both existing as well as newly installed system. Our Smart embedded device taps data from the Programmable Logic Controller used by the control system. Communication between the PLC and Smart embedded device is done by using protocols such as RS485 Modbus, Modbus TCP over Ethernet and others. Data is sent to the cloud through inbuilt GSM module (2G, 3G, 4G) present in our smart embedded device.

The PLC Monitoring Solution finds many applications including:

  • Boiler industries
  • Textile industries
  • Power Generation industries

And other industries where PLC installed and play crucial role then, remote monitoring of that can be done.


  • Plug and Play Architecture
  • Secure transmission of data to cloud
  • Data sent to cloud platform over 3Gor 4G
  • Dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • User based Authentication to login in Dashboard
  • System Alerts via SMS and e-mail for user defined parameters and threshold levels
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