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Automatic meter reading system


Automatic meter reading system

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DIGITAL REACH provides AMR Solution for the single family houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and all types of industries. We clearly understand the market requirement and the ache areas of the electricity software companies in areas of revenue protection.


Our Smart embedded device collect the data from different meters and data collected by smart device are store in server(local or cloud ). The data can be analyzed and ordered for further processes in other systems such as automatic billing solutions, energy advising solutions, optimization of grid, SCADA, Building Management Systems (BMS) and more. The simplicity of managing huge amounts of data saves time and reduces the risk of errors in every day meter operations. This solution is mainly for the heavy industry, building investors and energy sector.


  • MDAS (Meter Data Acquisition System)
  • MDMS (Meter Data Management System)
  • AMR Solution with Wireless Mesh


  • Custom designed Implementation of AMR/AMI machine
  • Custom development of Data Concentrators Unit (DCU)and Intelligent Modem supporting smart meter conversation
  • Automatic over the air configuration and firmware updates(FOTA).
  • Standalone AMR performance & Automatic profile download at specified intervals.
  • Compatible with various standard existing meters directly interfaced
  • Instantaneous Tampering and Outage alerts.
  • Automatic GPRS connection(no AT commands required)
  • watchdog for reliable Communication
  • Compatible with COSEM / DLMS.
  • Compatible with all standard 2G / 3G / 4G SIM cards
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