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Transformer monitoring system


Transformer monitoring system

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DIGITAL REACH Distribution Transformer Monitoring System plays vital role in allowing Power Distribution Companies and Transformer manufactures with convenient and real time information about usual parameters as well as advance level parameters which allow them to know lifespan and performance of the transformer.


DIGITAL REACH Remote Distribution Transformer Monitoring solution is a mixture of telemetry, hardware, IoT platform and software program that enables monitoring and data intelligence. Our Smart Embedded devices (IED) act as important unit which collects the data from the all analog and digital sensors and send to cloud using inbuilt GSM module (2G,3G,4G)

Parameter which can remotely monitored

Analog and digital parameter such as Oil Temperature, Oil level, Ambient Temperature Humidity, Winding Temperature, Fan status & Alerts for Buccholoz Relay

Energy Parameter such as phase wise Voltage, Current, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF, 15 odd harmonics, Maximum & Minimum Demand, Total Harmonics Distortion


  • Real time transformer status (Normal, Overload, Underload , Alarm)
  • Transformer high oil temperature Alarm / Notification
  • Transformer low oil level Alarm / Notification
  • Provides 24/7 access to current operational data, trends, alarm history and messaging from a central location or remotely
  • Easily installed on new or legacy transformers from any manufacturer
  • Monitoring of Outage & Quality of power up to utility management level
  • Monitor abnormal conditions and send alarm messages.
  • Real time trades of Sensor and energy data .
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