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Solar Plant Monitoring system

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DIGITAL REACH Solar Plant Monitoring solution proprietary monitoring system guarantees accuracy, reliability and timeliness. We use the most advanced IoT based technologies in designing our solution. We provide a real time monitoring to display performance of the solar farm in term of marketing, business and operational.


Solar plant monitoring solution helps you by monitoring, analysis and alert by using the data gathered from all the other devices in the solar farm. Our monitoring system taps all useful data from inverters, string combiner box, switchgears, smart energy meter, transformer and analog data such as Solar radiation, Ambient Temperature , Wind Speed and Direction and stored that data to cloud based server. Since all of this data is stored on our cloud based servers, it is readily accessible to you for any analysis / projections that you may want to do. This data can also be used to forecast trends in production and consumption of power.


Our solution supports most of the communication protocols (MODBUS, IEC etc.) and is compatible with PLCs running on SCADA. Apart from this the system can work on Ethernet or GSM based connectivity protocols (2G, 3G or 4G). As a result, you can not only monitor but control your solar farm remotely and that too in real time.


  • Advance Detection of abnormal conditions.
  • Provide 24/7 access to current operational data, trends, alarm history and messaging from central location or remotely.
  • Flexible, scalable architecture by using IoT gateway.
  • Easily installed on new or legacy transformers from any manufacturer.
  • Can work in low network areas.
  • Easily configurable Alarms and Alert.
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