Windturbine plant monitoring System


Wind Turbine Plant Monitoring system

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DIGITAL REACH provides you a cloud based data intelligence platform designed to pressure up the overall performance of wind mills and storage facilities. Harness the intelligence of your renewable information the use of our effective cloud solutions.


Our wind farm monitoring solution ensures accuracy, reliability, safety and timeliness. Our monitoring system taps all useful data from smart energy meter, power generated, wind speed, power, pitch, yaw, temperature etc. All of these data on our cloud based servers. The solution allows you to use this data for analysis, forecasting and trend analysis. Our solution does not only allow you to monitor your wind farm remotely but you can also control your devices remotely. This is possible because we supports most of the communication protocols (MODBUS, IEC etc.) and our solution is compatible with PLCs running on SCADA. Moreover, since we use of standard protocols, the system is flexible enough to accommodate new sensors and devices, making it future proof. Additionally the system can work on Ethernet or GSM based connectivity protocols (2G, 3G or 4G). This guarantees communication with central server even in low connectivity areas..


  • Advance Detection of abnormal conditions.
  • Provide 24/7 access to current operational data, trends, alarm history and messaging from central location or remotely.
  • Flexible, scalable architecture by using IoT gateway.
  • Easily installed on new or legacy transformers from any manufacturer.
  • Can work in low network areas.
  • Easily configurable Alarms and Alert
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