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Digireach incorporates business intelligence to your mountains of data.

Digireach helps you dig the pertinent information and visualize and analyse the complete picture.

Digireach extracts maximum value for your solutions by making smarter, informed decisions to drive results

  • State-of-the-art dashboards
  • Industry specific business intelligence
  • Customized selection of data
  • Real-time visual represenatation of data
  • Cohesive story

  • Structured data
  • Customize dashboards for company and brand recognition
  • Select from pre-defined dashboard themes
  • Maximize insights
  • Macro-level KPIs and drill-down to granular data

  • Set alarm points and highlights for easy recognition of critical data
  • Balanced and selective alarms
  • Authorized access to data with embedded security features
  • Report availability in multiple formats
  • Cross-platform compatibility eg. Mobiles, laptops, tablets

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