Getting those smart appliances or connected gadgets can be associated with hi-tech sensors.

Renewable Energy

The implementation of renewable energy wouldn’t be so successful without IoT. Today, sensor-based technology and data science enable the efficiency and automation of wind farms and solar fields.

Solar Energy system

Your complete simplified energy monitoring and analytics Solution ever increasing and difficult to predict energy costs are constantly challenging virtually every type and size of industry around the world. Decision makers need innovative solutions to drive down the energy costs, improve efficiency, and meet corporate sustainability goals. With DigiReach, you can connect to, manage and process data from virtually any remote energy device in a rapid and economic way. In three easy steps and without major upfront investment, we build your individual monitoring application with our IOT Platform, allowing you to receive the benefits of connecting your devices. more

Wind-turbine Monitoring

As simple as they look, wind turbines are extremely complex constructions often placed in wild conditions—open sea and faraway fields. In order to stay efficient and work at full potential, wind farms should be able to promptly adjust to the changing environment. Not to mention the importance of timely maintenance. IoT and energy solutions—sensor-based technology, analytics for important datum on weather and environment condition and turbine health—help automate the management of wind farms, optimize maintenance and thus reduce the cost dramatically. more

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